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About Us

It's all Louie's fault. 

Louie, a super cool, sophisticated dog with an attitude deserves to wear a super cool collar. No matter where we searched, we could not find a unique collar, so we made one. Fabricating the first collar unleashed an insane creative design streak and L.A. Dog was born. 

Our goal is to bring a selection of collars to discerning pet owners at are unmatched in quality, style and design. This sets the L.A. Dog products apart from the average pet product  manufacturer.  Many have said that it looks like jewelery for dogs. Our collars are so unique ...people will stop you in the streets to ask where you found it.

LA Dog is headquartered in Ft Myers, FL and has manufacturing facilities in Baltimore, MD and Auburn, NY.  We encourage the challenge of a custom design for your one of a kind pet.


Lora Potts, President

Lora, an interior designer by trade, takes her passion and love of design to a whole new level in creating the concept collar designs for the L.A. Dog collars. She uses her unique ability to customize a collar and match it perfectly to the dogs personality and style, size and color.

Interested in learning more about us?
Contact Us! 800-287-2310